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Philly Tech Week 2014: 25k people, 130 events, lots of attention 6.21.14 0


More than 25,000 people attended 130 events during Philly Tech Week 2014, including Arcade at the Oval, where thousands gathered to play Tetris on both sides of the Cira Centre. You can find all of Philly’s coverage of the week here.

Watch an overall wrap video below and find all the media coverage here.

Watch a Tetris wrap video here and find complete Tetris news coverage here.


Technically Baltimore called Maryland’s best tech blog 11.24.13 0


In the 5th annual online voting-backed Mobbies Awards from the Baltimore Sun, which celebrates the most popular social media and online publishing in Maryland, Technically Baltimore was voted the state’s best science or technology blog.

In grabbing the honor at the event, our Baltimore reporter Andrew Zaleski took to the stage and said, “Thank you.” ….He was never much of a talker when the spotlight was on him. Thanks!

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Baltimore Innovation Week 2013 impact and attendee totals 11.7.13 0


The second annual Baltimore Innovation Week took place during the last 10 days of September 2013.

We shared a full impact report here, which included more than 1,000 people at our Kickoff party at Penn Station Plaza, featuring the Gathering food truck association, Baltimore City Council’s first ever hearing on the innovation economy, the first people’s choice innovation awards and more than 5,500 people across 45 events and 80 partners.

Keep reading » earns Best of Philly and Best of Baltimore nods 8.19.13 0


We’re proud to say that our work has received kind words in both Philly and Baltimore in the same month: winning Best of city mentions in both of their respective city magazines.

Keep reading » News Weekly: one year of sending a local journalism newsletter 5.10.13 0

One year ago, we announced, a locally-minded URL shortener that was also home to an experiment: a weekly email service that promised to share the three biggest, most meaningful journalism stories in Philadelphia.

subscribersWe called it the and after getting a rush of some 1,500 subscribers to start, the service has slowly grown to more than 1,700 weekly subscribers.

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Third annual Philly Tech Week Presented by AT&T attendee totals 5.1.13 0


Now that we’ve closed the third annual Philly Tech Week Presented by AT&T, we immediately get the questions about IMPACT.

Who came? What happened? What’s next? The short answer is nearly 20,000 people attended, almost double last year, with nearly 200 partners and 105 events.

We’ll get survey results on this post as we get those answers in, but we’ll start bringing things together here.

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Data and details on using the same WordPress theme for four years [] 3.4.13 0


Four years after first launching a simple WordPress theme (thanks Woothemes for Typebased from 2008!) to serve as the home of, we are launching a rebrand as, which will be the replacement for the Philly theme and our Baltimore site, a custom theme called StartupBmore from our partner there Mike Brenner.

Consider it a proof of concept that went a little further than a proof of concepts usually go.

Ahead of launching our new site, and a year after we purchased the domain, we wanted to share some lessons from using the same theme for that time.

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Baltimore Innovation Week 2012 inaugural impact report 10.10.12 0


In the inaugural Baltimore Innovation Week, our community pulled together more than 30 events, 25 partners and 1,500 attendees over 10 days.

Read the full status report on Technically Baltimore here.

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Philly Tech Week presented by AT&T: over 10,000 served 5.20.12 0

In what is now a yearly tradition, at the end of every April we organize Philly Tech Week, a week-long celebration of technology in Philadelphia.

Now that we’re more than a month removed from 2012’s big event we’d like to share statistics in the interest of transparency.

While some events measure success by seemingly ambiguous metrics based on a mix of attendees and marketing reach, we like to focus on the infallible measurement of actual human beings that actually attended an event. A tweet about Philly Tech Week is not the same as someone that attended. A newspaper article’s circulation is not the same as an attendee, either.

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Episode 04: Neil Budde, CEO of new Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network 4.16.12 0

In the fourth edition of Whiskey Chats, we speak to Neil Budde, new CEO of the Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network (its history, here), housed at the Center for Public Interest Journalism.

We talked to him about his history at the (Wall Street Journal) and at Yahoo News, and about what he plans to do with the new organization.

Whiskey Chats — 04 — Neil Budde

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