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Why, how and where to buy an international domain: our acquisition story 3.3.12 0

When it comes to branding an online property, one of the first things you should consider in the process of naming an entity is the availability of a possible domain name. Like good real estate, the neighborhood and address you land at can help your online property thrive. But good real estate gets speculated quickly,Continue Reading

Technically Media 2011 review of goals 1.4.12 0

We call it our big board. Every business creates goals, in sales, revenue, mission and output. We do, too, but in addition to those internal goals, we like to create a broader vision that we write up by monthly steps on index cards and stick them on a big foam board in our office toContinue Reading

How much is a Facebook ‘like’ worth? + other social media ad experiments 9.26.11 0

Scaling an online properly is challenging and, sometimes, you need a little help.

Six lessons from a special series on Technically Philly: Exit Interview 2.28.11 0

In January, we kicked off a series on technology news site Technically Philly that featured a weekly interview with an entrepreneur or community member who left Philadelphia. Next week we’ll run our last in regular weekly form. Dubbed Exit Interview by Sean Blanda, I spearheaded the concept with design from Brian James Kirk. It wasContinue Reading

Transparencity: leading content-driven William Penn Foundation grant project 2.25.11 0

Our technology site Technically Philly is growing coverage and conversation around a nascent open data movement in Philadelphia, thanks to a discretionary grant from the prestigious William Penn Foundation, as announced late last month. The project, dubbed Transparencity, puts more reporting time into the city’s Division of Technology and related efforts, but it also stressesContinue Reading

Stealing TL:DR from Reddit 12.29.10 1

Here at Technically Media, we’re big fans of the way social news site Reddit has built a huge community by listening to their audience, keeping things simple and practical.

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