1. Get an introduction — We like working with people we know and respect. It helps when we already know you. Our best clients are introduced to us by others.
  2. Have a conversation, preferably in person, but we can start on the phone — We want to know about your needs and goals. Let’s talk about what you want to do, what we’ve done and can do. We’ll ask lots of questions about their capacity, experience and perspective.
  3. We’ll summarize your needs in very tight bullet points — To make sure we’re on the same page to start and broad expectations are set, we often send over a very distilled version of what you consider success, down to a very clear point. We send this your way hoping for any comments or additional thoughts.
  4. Fill out our Project Planner — Anchored by our conversations, take a few minutes to fill out the Technically Media project planner to get more detailed about your needs , anything else we should know about and your budget.
  5. We’ll put together a Scope of Work — We’ll deliver a detailed timeline with clear goals, client expectations and a full price tag to seek comment and final approval, often in an open meeting.
  6. Kickoff meeting — Once our goals are set, to launch the initiative, we like to do a kickoff meeting with relevant senior staff, and other stakeholders to talk top-level goals and immediate next steps and introduce process and style. We’ll follow this with interviews, content audit, recommendations for implementation and more deep-dive analysis.
  7. Asset analysis — In greater detail, we discover the staff, technical, organizational, partnership and editorial opportunities in your organization.
  8. Content audit — We more deeply and rigorously evaluate the effectiveness of your organization’s given online presence, from its website, content delivery and social media.
  9. Implementation Recommendations — We make further recommendations for best implementing the current strategy, offering additional more broad direction and/or possible future efforts around content, editorial and web strategy.
  10. Project Development — Depending on the given partnership, we project manage a website redesign to ensure its work integrates your organization’s assets and new editorial strategy.
  11. Delivery with goals — We launch the new content effort, often including a new online platform, and help launch into staff workflow and broader industry awareness.
  12. Audience growth — Through partnerships, events, editorial strategy implementation and other creative work, we’ll help grow and engage the audience you aim to have.
  13. Future goals — Through retainer work, further direction and/or implementation of existing strategy, we can help establish the coming goals of your organization’s web presence.

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