We can help. Here’s how:

Proven process:

We’re involved.

We like being on site as much as possible.

At heart, we’re journalists.

We obsess over the latest trends in online media so you don’t have to.

We document everything.

For every process we create or advice we give, we’ll have easy to access documentation for you and your staff.

We like to push it.

We like trying strategies that no one else has. We like experimenting with seemingly mundane details and documenting the results. Mostly, we want our clients to be thought-leaders.

We walk and we talk.

We actually do this stuff, like building up a niche news site from nothing, and we can actually communicate what we’ve learned, with lots of experience talking about editorial innovation.

Content Strategy:
Content strategy is a field of user experience that focuses on creating actionable, assertive and relevant use of language and content hierarchy on websites and other internet-based platforms. A successful strategy encompasses all published work, both online and offline, and creates more quantifiable, successful campaigns for action.

Editorial Strategy:

This is our specialty. You may have heard of the term “content strategy,” but we at Technically Media believe the online media ecosystem is headed in a new direction. One where brands and institutions can’t afford to wait for journalists to connect with audiences. Instead, we think it’s high time that your business becomes a publisher, communicating with your users, readers, donors and visitors directly. Be like Mint. Or OK Cupid. Or Conan O’Brien. Hundreds of businesses have taken connecting to audiences into their own hands.

We’ve helped businesses such as the National Constitution Center create an audience numbering in the thousands in fewer than six months. We can help you too.

Blog Platform:

If you already know how to build an audience on the web but just need some technical help, we can do that too. From a quick and dirty WordPress install to a full-blown redesign, we’ve got you covered.

Social Media:

One of the first rules of editorial strategy is to go where your audience is. Whether its Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare, allow us to teach your staff members best practices for engaging with your fans. Or, we can take the reins to build you a social media following that will make your competitors jealous.

We don’t employ any dirty tricks or hire any “gurus.” We create lasting value for your audience.


Ask us to appear at your conference, panel or create a specific outreach session for your staff, organization, members or supporters. See a list of some of the places we’ve spoken before here.

Still not sure how Technically Media can help? Reach out and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

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